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Support the sustainable development of hundreds of industry economy



The first generation of the blockchain was mainly a token stage represented by Bitcoin, and more played the role of a cryptocurrency; the second generation was a smart contract stage represented by Ethereum, using virtual machines. Dealing with peer-to-peer transactions; problems with the first and second generations and their imitation blockchains continue to emerge. The era and application call for the third generation of blockchain services.






Anda+ is the third-generation cross-chain blockchain developed by a multi-national technical team that has been developing for more than two years. In addition, the co-founders include Han Yongfei from the Anda Chain Foundation, Hu Xiangyi, a researcher from a former General Staff Department, Professor Yin Hao, a national million person planner, Zhang Xiao and Liu Xinqi, Chinese national and foreign expert in cryptography and computer experts. Professor David X. Li, chief risk officer, and Zhang Xu, an expert of the National Thousand Talents Program, are experts in Chinese and foreign financial and Anda chain economists. Anda+ uses Anda pass travels through multi-chain super digital arcades, such as games, e-commerce, rewards, etc. The Anda+ will go online in the third quarter of this year. Anda+ is more efficient than the previous public chain, more reliable technology, safer and more reliable, more ecological, more convenient to use, and more widely used. Its operational services are based on Singapore and its infrastructure is in Europe. It openly welcomes and embraces national governments' legal supervision and auditing.





Anda+ is a super chain and is a third-generation blockchain. It has changed in terms of security, efficiency and ecology. It is oriented towards customer experience and physical applications. It broke through the limitations and weaknesses of Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS. Its Anda Pass is cross-linked within the Anda system. Its internal is multi-chain that has mining chain, payment chain and the purchase of parallel chains. Among them, the purchase of parallel chains, like a digital superstore, can provide a variety of purchase services, implemented using different smart terminals. The innovation of the Anda+ is more secure and credible. Its transaction speed is faster. Its payment time is 1.3 times that of WeChat, and it can purchase more types of services. It supports 108 physical industry uplink through intelligent nodes, making it more suitable for very large-scale transactions.

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