Construct a global safe and reliable high-speed public chain

Support the sustainable development of hundreds of industry economy


Anda+ intelligent node takes safety and credibility as its life, adopts user experience as a standard, develops a real economy as its purpose, uses efficiency and intelligence as its soul, and promotes the simultaneous and harmonious development of productivity and production relations.

The intelligent node is not only complete with Turing, but also has a complete blockchain function and sufficient intelligence. A smart node can implement a smart, trusted blockchain in one area. Anda+ will parallel more than 100 intelligent nodes, giving birth to more than 100 areas of intelligent and trusted blockchain.



Advantages of intelligent nodes



1. It is highly probable to be the first to use the blockchain to become a leading company in the industry.
2. Gifting 5 million Tokens can immediately drive the industry chain, if the tokens revaluation then can recover the investment cost.
3. Smart nodes develop industry and smart sub-node charges immediately profitable.
4. Trading cash flow in the sub-chain (Anda+ has no charge) Continuous cash flow.
5. It is also famous for its famous reputation with Anda+.
6. When the regulations permit, the construction of the Exchange will be beneficial.
7. To become a mine pool can charge.
8. Driving a physical industry on the chain of merit for a long time.
9. Provide accurate artificial intelligence services for the industry.
10. Infrastructure with Trusted Computing.

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